XLmedica offers treatment options that utilize a diverse assortment of regenerative elements that enhance the body’s natural ability to heal. We specialize in regenerative medicine products and tools to help physicians treat their patients to manage pain, recover from injuries sooner, and rejuvenate their health and appearance.

The field of regenerative medicine offers exciting new opportunities for physicians and practitioners who seek to improve patient outcomes and expand patient treatment offerings, while also increasing their revenue stream.  To learn the latest techniques combined with the most current application products available, either in-office or at our training facilities, contact XLmedica today.

Instruction covers a thorough review of regenerative medicine, how it is used in clinical applications, as well as current techniques and procedures for Orthopedics, Facial Rejuvenation, Hair Restoration, Sexual Health, Inhalation, PAD/wound care, IV, Dry Eye Syndrome and more.

Training in the preparation of white cell rich PRP, white cell poor PRP, Platelet Lysate, protein concentrate, activated PRP with 10% Calcium Chloride and Bovine Thrombin powder, Wharton’s Jelly and Stem Cell Exosomes.

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